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Welcome to News on cats. I will tell you a little about different cats and other things that i have heard about.

Cats can see in the dark

Cats cannot see in total darkness, but they can see much better at night with minimum light than humans can. Their vision in dim light is very sensitive.

Protecting a cats vision is one of the reasons a cat should never be fed dog food. Unlike dogs, cats cannot manufacture the amino acid taurine. Lack of taurine in the cats diet can cause vision problems. Cats require a higher level of protein in their diet than dogs.

Cats have nine lives

This myth probably started as the result of a cats flexible skeleton that allows squeezing and twisting to negotiate narrow and awkward places.

The factors that influence a cats longevity are proper diet and care, including regular visits to the veterinarian, and the cats genetic makeup.

The average life span for a neutered cat who is housed inside is estimated to be from 12 to 14 years. The maximum life span is said to be 35 years. The roaming cats life expectancy is usually less than that of a cat housed indoors. This may relate to a more stressful lifestyle as the results of accidents, fighting and exposure to weather extremes.

A falling cat always lands on its feet

When a cat falls a short distance, it often twists itself around to right itself and land on its feet. However, falls from heights can cause severe injury or death.

A window without a screen or with an insecurely fastened screen is a life-threatening hazard. Other accidents happen when an air conditioner is removed from the window for cleaning or repair. Balconies are also a danger. A cat may fall from a balcony rail as it chases an insect.

Securely fastened screens and being alert to other high-rise dangers help prevent serious injuries resulting from falls.

                     The Egyptian Mau



The Egyptian Mau is not a regular house kitty and has a lot of style and history. Mau’s are still a very rare breed.  A total of 566 kittens were recorded born in 1977.  The Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat that has natural spots.  The cats are very lean.  When fully grown the females are between 6 to 8 pounds and the males are between 7 to 12 pounds.  Their spots appear large or small and are scattered everywhere. Their fur colors can be silver, bronze or smoke.  Most tabbies have the “M” mark on their head and at least one necklace on their chest.  The Mau does not meow.  They make more of a chirp or a squeak.


The Egyptians loved their cats. The cats were helpful by hunting the rats that would get into the grain storages.  They would sometimes go on hunts with their owners and help hunt for birds.  Cats were worshiped.  They were worshiped so much that if someone had caused a cats death or tried to kill a cat; they would have a penalty of death themselves.  If a cats death was naturally, then the owners of the cat would shave off their eyebrows.  They mummified the cat and buried them just like what they did with people. The European military forces found so many cat mummies, that they sent them to the British and used them for garden compost fertilizer. Some cats were mummified and given to Bastet by the ancient people as offerings.


Bastet was a cat goddess.  She often is shown with the head of a cat or of a lion.  The Egyptians had a temple in her honor.  She was the goddess of life, power, all health and the joy of heart.  The cat was also the protector of the underworld.


I have found much conflicting information on the Egyptian Mau.  It is unclear whether the Mau is the actual ancestor of the ancient sacred cats or not.  Some say that it is possible. Some say that they are not and still most breeders say that they are.  I say that it might be possible, but I am not really sure because there is no actual proof that the Egyptian Mau cat is the actual breed depicted in the paintings and papyrus.


People today still like to own an Egyptian Mau. There are breeders, groups, and clubs everywhere to join. The Egyptian Mau is a very interesting cat with an amazing history that people today still hold in high regard.   


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