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Stories Wanted! Got an funny, happy, amazing or sad ( but not to sad)story. Share it with us .

"Cat pants"

After I got undressed for bed, Naga cat jumped into my pants, crawled out the pant leg and started swatting at anything that moved including my toes. Then he fell asleep inside the pant leg. Silly Cat
sent in by my grandma

The Hunter

I've go a story for you. Ok i have this cat simba and he is a

"hunter" (or at least he acts like it) and he was stalking this squirrel

and he just up on to the platform the squirrel was sitting on and it just

sat there staring at simba. So simba kinda twitched and the squirrel

jumped onto the roof of the platform and then jumped down behind simba

scared simba so bad!!! It was SO FUNNY!!!! Thanks!! Bye!

sent in by kristy

i have a story too share with you its me again but heres my story i call it ''killer'' its about my cat, well when my cat Kasey was 9 weeks old i heard a "ROWR!!! FTTTTTTT" so i ran outside and saw my little kitten killing a squirrel then it died and she ate it! ewwwwwwww thats sick!!!!! so now her new nickname is killer she is killer crazy!!!!!! everyday she catches 7 mice and 2 birds and loves em and she eats the bodies and brigs the heads too the front carpet!!!!

sleepy towels

I was folding the laundry when my cat Sophie came in and started playing in the laundry. Then she went up on the freezer, so I through some socks up for her to play with. Then I through a towel up, but it landed over her. So when I was almost finished folding Sophie was asleep under all the socks and towels


Sam Screen
ok we got two new kittens for X-mas and some times they do things that are just weird. We had the door open all day and the cats were going in and out as they pleased. later in the evening we shut the screen and i went out side. the cats were all play fighting out side then they started chasing each other. One of our cats (badcat) was chasing another (Sammy, one of the kittens)he ran strait for the door the BOOM he hit the screen. If was funny but sad all at once. he kind of took it easy after that.

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